Symptom: Rash

    Doctors use specific terms to describe rashes. A macular rash refers to flat, small red patches on the skin, while a papular rash refers to small raised red bumps. If both rash symptoms and signs are present, a rash is called maculopapular. Scaling, blister formation, or ulceration of the skin may be present with a rash. A rash with accompanying blisters is termed a vesicular rash. Itching (pruritus) may or may not accompany a rash. Summary of Common Rash Symptoms and Signs by MedicineNet Staff
    A review of our Patient Comments indicated that many people with a rash have similar symptoms and signs. A few patients mentioned that their rashes initially oozed, then scabbed over, and bled easily. Others reported that their rashes seemed to appear when the seasons changed, when they ate certain foods, or when they began a new course of medication. Many patients said that their rash began in one area of their body and spread to another area. Read on to learn more about rash symptoms and signs in our Patient Comments.


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