Symptom: Euphoria

    Euphoria can be described as a heightened, exaggerated, or extremely positive sense of happiness or well-being. It is considered to represent an abnormally extreme degree of happiness or contentment beyond that which occurs in normal emotional responses. It can be described as a sense of intense joy or happiness that is beyond what would be expected under the normal circumstances. Euphoria may be experienced by those who suffer from bipolar depression (manic depression) in the manic phase. It may occasionally be seen in other psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia, in which emotional responses and perceptions of reality are abnormal. Euphoria in the context of a psychiatric condition can also be accompanied by symptoms like

    • restlessness,
    • hallucinations,
    • disorientation,
    • confusion,
    • paranoia,
    • mood swings.

    A number of recreational and illegal drugs have been described as having an effect of inducing euphoria.


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