Symptom: Broken or Knocked-out Teeth

    Each individual tooth is composed of calcium and several other organic components. It is divided into 3 layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp - each layer having a specific role.
  • Enamel is a hard outer protective coating. It is the hardest substance in the body. A similar substance called cementum provides a protective coating over the root. It differs from dentin by virtue of its porous nature.
  • Most of the tooth is composed of dentin, which is found directly beneath the enamel.
  • The pulp, the innermost layer, contains the blood supply that nourishes the tooth as well as nerve fibers that provide pain and temperature sensation. It also produces the dentin.
  • Anatomically, the tooth is made up of the crown and root. The crown is the visible portion you see inside the mouth. The root extends beneath the gum line. The tooth is positioned in a bony socket called the alveolus. It is anchored by a ligament and protected by the gums. The 20 primary or baby teeth are replaced, beginning at about 6 years, with 32 adult or permanent teeth. Injury to teeth, especially permanent teeth, can be painful and serious.


    Dental injuries to the teeth commonly occur with falls, assaults, sports activities, child abuse, and multiple trauma such as an auto collision.


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    June 26, 2015
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